The Talking Cure

“Things do not change, we change” - David Henry Thoreau

Perhaps you’ve never thought about using this type of service before or have been curious about it for a while, and are wondering what’s involved and whether it would be helpful.  Therapy is a space to talk, think, feel and reflect. Whilst listening, I gain an understanding of your needs, and together we build a therapeutic relationship that allows change to be thought about and experienced. Therapy provides an opportunity for us to look at areas where you may be struggling and to address your concerns in a meaningful way. Therapy is about developing emotional and psychological resilience in a safe, non-judgmental and confidential space.

An initial session gives you the opportunity to share your reasons for considering therapy and to ask any questions you have. We can then decide whether it would be beneficial for us to work together and can arrange a weekly time for either short term or open-ended therapy.


My Approach

Whether you are coming for therapy for the first time or have prior experience, the initial step can be daunting. A supportive place can help you talk about what's bringing you to therapy now and what you'd like to get out of it. You may have a goal in mind or you may just want to explore an issue, with no agenda.

I offer one-to-one talking therapy, where we meet every week for 50 minutes. It is your time to bring whatever is important to you, and we work together to help you make sense of it. Talking things through creates an opportunity where you can see your past or present problems from a different perspective. Working at your pace, I aim to build a relationship with you, where we can think about your thoughts, feelings and behaviour and this in turn can help you can make positive lasting changes.

Our work is confidential and respectful and occasionally challenging, with the aim of building self-acceptance.